Online Slots

At the online casino one of the biggest concerns for online slots gambling players is security. Players want to feel secure in the knowledge that their deposits are safe together with all their personal and sometimes financial information if they have entered any of this. At the online casino even when playing for fun and not real money, players should note the security level offered together with the stamps of approval from outside bodies. This includes how the transactions are secured, with a secure socket layer system and if they are fully encrypted. The security of each online casino should be detailed with all of the different technological systems in place in order to give each player confidence in the casino and of course the online slots and other games they choose to play.

As you start to play casino games, think about the types of games you enjoy and the things you are looking for. For instance, if you love to play progressive slots, consider finding a site that specializes in these slots games. You’ll certainly find progressive slots at all of the casino games sites – some sites emphasize these games more than others do, however. This means that you can tailor-make your experience playing casino games by selecting the site that best suits your needs and your interests. If you love poker, look for an online site that has 20 different poker games, rather than a site that only has a few. This will allow for a variety of game play and for a chance to do all of your game playing on one site. All of this adds up to fun and autonomy for today’s player when he’s ready to play and enjoy.

The game of roulette that one can find in an Zodiac casino is one of the best casino games that have been adapted for online gambling. The game of roulette is not like simple slots games. You must decide on a strategy and then see how you do. When the roulette wheel spins in an online casino, it is just as thrilling as playing roulette in a land-based casino. There are basically two approaches to playing roulette in an online casino. Either go for more frequent wins where you win less money by betting on a larger group of numbers, or bet on a much rarer wager that will pay off significantly. You have to understand that in roulette, a number comes up every time. So there is no reason you should not be able to place a winning bet.

A Short History of Slot Machines

One of the most popular sections of any online casino is the wide assortment of high-quality slot machines. Visit any major casino site and you’re sure to find hundreds of slots games to choose from, including basic three reel slots, five reel slots with a limited number of pay lines, five reel slots with that eschew pay lines in favor of a new system that offers hundreds of ways to win, and even slots games with progressive jackpots. The last category offers some of the biggest payouts in the entire online casino, adding to the mystique of the slot machine as an easy way to win large amounts of money – if luck is on your side. Despite the large number of slots games to choose from, new games are introduced almost every month, many with innovative improvements on the generation of games that came before. While the earliest games were no-frills slot machines modeled after the mechanical slot machines known as the one-arm bandits that were found in casinos and pubs, the newest games are loaded with special features, dramatic wilds, bonus rounds, and animated features. The evolution of slots games, or pokies, as they are known in Australia, is one of the most interesting stories to emerge out of the online casino. It combines the benefits of the technological age we live in and the desire of game developers to meet the ever-rising demands of the public for games that appeal to the imagination as well as the wallet.

Following the One Arm Bandit

Like most 1st generation online casino games, online slots very closely resembled the real world version of slot machines – a mechanical slot machine with a lever on the side that people would pull to spin the three reels and hope for matching symbols to line up so they could claim their jackpot. Those slot machines were known as the one-arm-bandits, and they were one of the most popular features of any non-online- casino. The first online version of slots games also had three reels and used the same types of symbols that were common in the mechanical slot machines – fruit like cherries and lemons, the number seven, and various combinations of bars. Within a few years, however, online game developers realised that they could make the game more appealing by making it easier to win a payout. They also realised that there was no practical reason to make the slots board larger and more active. Unlike games like poker or Blackjack, which had specific rules that people expect when they decide to play, especially for real money, the slots board was an empty canvas that offered numerous opportunities for innovation. Before long, game developers such as Micro-gaming, one of the great innovators in the gaming industry, began to unroll the new five reel slots games. The pokies provided much more action on the board and offered a substantially higher number of possible pay lines, leading to more winning spins. Almost instantly, the public was mesmerised.

The First Five Reel Slots

The first generation of five reel slots included all-time classics such as Avalon, Thunderstruck, and Tomb Raider. These casino games featured more than just reels with fruit symbols. They were works of art built around a strong theme. Avalon, for example, is based on the legends of King Arthur and focus on the mystical island of Avalon where, legend has it, Arthur’s sword was forged and where he recovered from his wounds. All of the symbols are lavishly designed, creating an atmosphere that transports the player and completely captivates his or her attention. Thunderstruck was based on the legends of Norse mythology. Both games offer worlds that are immersive, making it more appealing than ever to keep spinning the reels. With the additional two reels and added rows of symbols, game designers were able to increase the number of pay lines dramatically. Newer games offered nine, 15, even 30 possible pay lines, increasing the size of the bets players made while simultaneously increasing the chances of winning. The overall effect of the new emphasis on themes, graphics, and sound made the games immensely popular and proved that innovations in slot machines and pokies would be well received by fans of online gaming. The innovation has not stopped. Although there are hundreds of pokies available, there are new elements introduced with each new generation of games.

Innovations in online Slot Machines

With the unveiling of the five reel slot machines and the strong fan response, game developers shifted their attention to adding or improving extra features to make the games even more immersive. They added a range of wild symbols that make it easier than ever to complete a pay line. They also scatter symbols that complete pay lines from anywhere on the board. The scatter symbols often served to unlock special bonus features that would lead to even bigger winnings. While the games maintained their five reel form, they also began to display elements of animation, usually in the bonus rounds, but often within the main game as well. Eventually, breakthrough games such as the Lord of the Rings slot machine arrived to herald another new era. Lord of the Rings featured all of the special features that had been popular previously but also broke ground on a number of exciting new elements. The most obvious was the use of video clips from the Lord of the Rings movies as the reels were spinning. The clips brought the immersive element that had always been a feature of five reel slots to new heights, making the player feel as though he or she is inside the game, joining the fellowship of the ring. The second new feature was the dramatic expanding wild symbol. When the wild appeared at specific times in the third reel, it would expand to take up the whole reel. This was presented dramatically in the game, and helped complete more pay lines, which meant more payouts for the players.

The Advent of Slots with Progressive Jackpots

Since most people came to play pokies or slot machines because they were looking for the biggest payouts available, developers of slots games decided to up the ante on the types of payouts available. With the creation of slots games with progressive jackpots, the modest slot machine suddenly became the biggest potential payout in the entire online casino system. A slots game with a progressive jackpot took advantage of new technology to link everyone playing the game anywhere in the world into a single network. And when anyone anywhere played the game and didn’t win, a small portion of the money he or she lost went into a jackpot the continued to grow until someone finally won. The triggers for the big win are usually random, so everyone has the same chance to win every time they play, as long as they have all of the pay lines on the pokies activated. But even without the progressive jackpots, the slot machines themselves offer first-rate slots action. So there is virtually no reason to skip on the change for a massive win. Some games, such as Mega Moolah, which has one of the biggest potential payouts of all, offers four different progressive jackpots, each of which starts at a higher amount than the one before it. So even if you only win the lowest of the four jackpots, you would still walk away with a huge win that would be nearly impossible to duplicate with other online casino games.

The Rise of the Online Casino

With the world moving to mobile devices such as smart phones and iPads and tablet PCs, the online casino has moved with it, and the slot machine has been one of the main beneficiaries. Since mobile technology has made it easier than ever to play casino games whenever and wherever they want, even if a computer isn’t available, more people are playing slots games than ever. Thanks to another miracle of technology, some of the most popular five reel slots games have been converted to the smaller screen of the mobile phone with no loss of graphic clarity or drop in the playing experience. People can play their favourite pokies while riding the train home from work, while waiting at the doctor’s office, or any time they have free time that would otherwise be wasted. And with growing popularity of the iPad and other tablet devices, the slot machine is ready to experience another renaissance. The iPad combines the best features of the desktop computer and the mobile device to give slots players the benefit of the bigger screen combined with mobility and a touch screen. So the future of slots games continues to look bright. It makes sense the most adaptable element of the online casino would also be the area of greatest innovation, and that the innovation would be rewarded by fans of online casino games. One can only wonder just what game developers have in store in the coming years. The best way to find out, of course, is to visit your favourite online casino and have a look for yourself.

The reason that playing Canadian online casino is superior to playing at a land-based casino is that it is convenient. You don’t have to spend any time or money travelling. Unless you live at a casino resort, you will have to plan a whole trip just to get to the casino. By playing online pokies, you bypass all that. You can play from your office. You can play from your home. With a smart phone connected to the Internet, you can play from just about anywhere. Another factor is time. At an online casino, all the games are open and waiting for you twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. There is never any lines to play your favourite casino games.

It is the traditional casino games that are now getting the most attention at online casino websites. This is not to belittle slot machine games and instant win games. There are still millions who are very happy playing these casino games and feel no desire to try something else. But for many others, it is the games like video poker, blackjack, and European Roulette that hold the real attraction. Part of the reason is that the technology for these games has really improved so much that the realism is exception. Playing roulette at an internet casino, you really feel that you are playing at a regular table. This has all the advantages of a real casino with none of the problems associated with play in land-based casinos.

The world of casino games never looked better. Today, with online casino games, players can enjoy themselves at all of their favourite casino games. They will find roulette, blackjack, slots, and other engaging and enjoyable casino games. The online gambling world is filled with opportunities. Many players are amazed to see just how many online casino sites there are and just how many games each of these sites has. Most casino games sites today have about 400 games, if not more. And, if you want to play one type of game, for instance, you’ll find a number of varieties of that game. So, for instance, there might be 100 slots games, 40 blackjack choices and many other varieties of games that players love. This enables online casino players to get more from their time. One of the most popular features that some online slot machines at the Zodiac casino have are the wild symbols. Typically a wild symbol can be used in place of any other sign to form a winning series. Often when you win with a wild, the payout is multiplied several times over.

A reputable online casino will also offer each and every player a section on responsible gaming. What this means is that players have someone to refer to or an organisation to refer to if they think that the gambling is getting too much for them. The best way to deal with gambling on a regular basis is to pre set the amount of money that is intended to use and not to go over that amount as tempting as it may seem. When playing online slots and other online gambling games, all winnings gained should be set aside so that they are not added to the bets made and therefore the player cannot calculate what he has won easily. Promotions and bonuses can be added to the pot as they are a gift from the casino.

The Excitement of the Spinning Reels

The online casino is like a treasure chest where the more you dig into it, the more treasure that is revealed. One of the many best things about an online casino is that the games are all available to play at your fingertips whether you have chosen to download a casino or play directly from the web browser at an instant online casino. Free bonus online casino The range of online casino games is extremely vast but without doubt it is the online slots that stick out as the most popular and the most varied of all casino games. In Australia they are called pokies and in the UK they are often known as AWP, (award with prizes games) but one thing does remain constant and that is the spinning reels and fun that comes with each game.

Play Slots for Fun

The online slot machines have been specially adapted for the online casino and although very similar to slot machines that are found at land based casinos do offer some better functions. Many of the slot machines online can be played for fun; this means that players can enjoy the games for as long as they want before having to commit real money to the games. The only slots that cannot be played for fun are the progressive slots. Progressive slots can be made up of three reels or five reels, what makes them progressive is the additional jackpot that is offered. This jackpot can be awarded totally at random at any time after any spin, known as a random progressive jackpot game or it can be a jackpot that has to be worked towards and is awarded for a certain configuration of symbols. These progressive games are linked between different casinos and therefore cannot be played for fun as they are always live, the more players that join the game and place bets the greater the jackpot grows. Top rated online casino in Toronto Canada.

Classic Three Reels

Three reel slots are also known as classic slots. These are games with three reels that can have single paylines or even up to five paylines or more. When playing three reel slots players can choose the number of coins that they want to place as a bet which can also range from single set coin sizes up to five coins per spin or more. Many of classic slots games offer additional options such as nudges, holds or shiftas where players can choose which of the positions on the reels they want to hold or move in order to get close to a winning position. All of the potential winning lines are detailed on the screen for players to see and these three reels slots games are considered simpler than the five reel slots. Many of the classic three reel slots also include wild symbols and multipliers together with bonus trails and sometimes even off screen bonuses which can definitely enhance the enjoyment and satisfaction of the game.

Five Reel Video Slots

Five reel slots games have developed greatly over the past decade and especially the online slots versions of these games. Five reel slots are also known as video slots and these are multi payline games. Each game offers a different theme where the symbols on the reels reflect the different themes of the games. In each game, players will more than likely find a wild symbol and a scatter. The wild symbol can take the place of other symbols to make up a winning line and in some cases will also act as a multiplier. The scatter symbol acts as a multiplier and is often the key to one or more of the bonus games. These online slots are known for their different bonus games which include off screen bonuses together with free spins and even pick and win bonuses. Some of the bonus slots games include multi level interaction where players can work their way up different levels to win different amounts of bonus payouts. Other bonus games can include pick and win options, spinning wheels and of course free spins. For many the online slots bonus games are the thrill and highlight of the slots games and what pulls the players to choose one game over another.

Choose the Gamble Feature

One of the popular features of pokies and online slots that have emerged is the gamble feature. The gamble feature is offered at for some slots at the end of a win. Here players are given the opportunity to increase their winnings either 2 fold or 4 fold by choosing between the color of a card to be turned over and the suit of card. Although the gamble feature is very popular it should also be noted that it the player guesses incorrectly he can lose all of his winnings for that spin, so it is recommended not to choose the gamble feature each time.

Seasonal Slots Promotions

New online slots games are introduced on a regular basis some of which are very seasonal and include special promotions for Easter for example or in the Autumn Halloween and Christmas slots feature greatly. Many of the online casino choices that offer slots will also offer tournaments. The slots tournaments are a great way for players to enjoy featured slots games at low cost and have a chance to win some handsome amounts of money; the pot. The pot can be a result of all of the entry fees of different players or it can be a large contribution by the online casino to promote a particular game.

The Slots Choices

In the past decade the world of online slots and pokies has developed so much with every subject being covered and a wide range of different styles, bonus features and promotions associated with each game. There are fantasy slots and sports slots, alien slots and underwater slots, historical slots and modern day slots; players can enjoy a wide range of excellent slots online in the comfort of their own home or while on the move through the flash casinos and now mobile casinos .

Today’s slots players love to have variety. And they definitely don’t have to worry about that. The casino players today have hundreds of slots games from which to choose. There are slots games that are set up with a very basic set-up such as the three reel games. These games allow players to play at the most basic levels and to enjoy instant gratification and fun. Then, there are much more advances games as well with five reel games, progressive slots games, bonus round games and so many others. Each of these offers players even more fun – and even more amazing themes. The themes in today’s slot games are hysterically creative. You can pretend that you are blasting off into space, diving to the bottom of the sea and everything in between.

Players at any of the Canadian top online casinos can earn real money when they play any of the featured casino games. The generous payouts are multiplied through extra bonus games as well as via the casino promotions which include a Welcome Bonus for new players and Loyalty Points for veteran gamers.

The mobile casino games that are offered on the mobile casino are run using the same software used at the online casino. The software has been specifically developed to make the most of the mobile device such as the smaller screen and many of the functions such as the touch screen function.

The Liberty Bell Slot Machine

Charles Fey can be credited with inventing the first ever slot machine. He had a fascination with the spinning drums and this pet subject led him to create the first known slot machine which was called the Liberty Bell and can still be seen today in it is original form. The Liberty Bell was made up of three separate drums that each had 10 different symbols on them. The drums were set in motion by pulling a lever on the right hand side of them, they were all connected. The name of the machine, the Liberty Bell was credited to the symbol that if lined up on all three drums awarded a win of 50cents. Back in 1891 a 50c win was a substantial amount of money. The Liberty Bell machine was purely mechanical which may seem strange in today’s world of computers and technology but back then, this was a real breakthrough in gaming.

The Development of Slot Machines

For a couple of years Charles Fey was able to keep a monopoly on the Liberty Bell and subsequent machines that he produced but in time the big gaming manufacturers began to see the benefits of the Liberty Bell and many copies and variations of the machine were made. In the early 1900’s gambling was banned in America but this did not put a stop to the slot machine developers who changed the slots into vending type machines which would dispense candies and chocolate when a jackpot was landed. Cherry symbols were introduced together with gum and chocolate pictures; today the cherry symbol still remains the most popular and well known slots symbol. As gambling was reintroduced across America and the rest of the world in the 1920’s the idea of slots and slot machines really took off. Gambling houses and casinos began to order more and more slot machines for the women folk to play on while the men folk went off to their serious card games.

Electrical Slots Replace Mechanical Slots

Slot machines were placed at the casino’s entrance and despite their noise from the mechanical operating systems they became more and more popular. At first it was only the wives and girlfriends or casino players that played on the slots as their men were playing card games but as the excitement spread, more and more men discovered the benefits and deep satisfaction of slots. Different themes were involved and new slot machines were added on a regular scheduled basis to the casinos, soon it was not only the women who enjoyed the slots and the easy pulling of the lever to set the reels or drums as they were still known as in motion. It was not until the early 1960’s that the mechanical drums were replaced with electrical slots. To begin with these were very simple and looked a lot like the original one armed bandit, the only difference being that they were without the lever to pull down as they were electrical and players could just press a button to set the reels in motion. This type of slot machine existed for no more than a decade until the random number generators and micro chips were introduced in the 1970’s, which changed the face of the slot machines forever.

Sophisticated Slots Machines

By the 1970’s the concept of a random number generator that brought the reels to stop totally at random was developed and introduced to the world of casinos and especially the slot machines. The random number generator was and still is controlled by a micro chip that totally at random stops the spinning reels so that it is very hard to predict how and when the reels will stop. From the 1970’s onwards, slot machines became more and more sophisticated with some being linked to other machines which gave players the progressive slots. There were three reel slots and five reel slot machines to enjoy, some offered bonus trails, others with nudges holds and even bonus games that could take place at the machine. The slot machine of today had arrived and over the years it became more and more sophisticated. Gone were the one armed bandits and in their place casinos and leisure centers and pubs across the world offered modern day slot machines which can still be found everywhere today. The slot machines became a hit across the world and in Australia they really took off where they were known as pokies, and are still called this today. The name pokies developed from a play on words of poker and machines and has stuck to this day.

The Development of Online Slots

Towards the end of the century online slots began to emerge, at first these were very basic but as technology improved and developed the world of online slots opened up. Today slots and especially online slots make up for 70-80% of casinos revenue. There are online casinos that are just devoted to slots and players can find every type style and theme of slots at thousands of different online casinos. Online slots are made up of three reels slots, often called classic slots or classic pokies. There are five reel slots, known as video slots and then there are the progressive slots. Progressive slots can be five reels or three reels. What makes them progressive is the fact that they are linked to other casinos offer the same game and a portion of each bet placed is taken towards a jackpot known as the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot starts at a certain level and the more players that place bets the greater it grows. There are two main types of progressive jackpots, random progressive jackpots and traditional progressive jackpots. Random progressive jackpots can be won at any time totally at random; the traditional progressive jackpots are awarded for certain configurations of symbols.

Bonus Slot Games

When playing slots, players can enjoy a wide range of themes together with a wide range of different bonus options. Three reel classic slots may offer nudges and holds together with bonus trails and sometimes even free spins and scatters together with a wild symbol. Video slots or five reel slots as they are also known offer off screen bonus games, free spins, scatters, wilds and multipliers. The bonus games make each and every slots game even more exciting and enjoyable to play. Each online slots game should offer clear and precise instructions on how to play and what is needed for each game together with a pay table where the players can view the different configurations that will lead to the winning payouts. The majority of the online slots games can be played for fun or practice before placing real money bets. Progressive slots cannot be played for fun or practice because they are linked to other games. Another popular offering from online casinos today is the slot tournament, this offers players the chance to play top online slots at low cost but have a chance to progress through the game and competition to win large sums of money.

Flash Slots Online

Today, online slots are not the most modern development. Players can also find flash slots which are casino and slots games that do not have to be downloaded or installed on to the computer. These are offered and played directly from the web browser of the casino and give players the opportunity to enjoy the games from any computer wherever they are in the world. Unless that computer doesn’t process Flash, such as an iPad or iPhone device. In addition to flash slots many online casinos offer a range of mobile slots. Mobile slots and pokies can be played from mobile phones and hand held devices where they can be downloaded or if using a Smartphone, players can play the games on the web browser of the casino. Basically, with the marvel or the modern world, you can play online slots or any other game of the online casino, no matter where you are, as long as you have internet and electrical power, you are good-to-go.

Thank You Charles Fey

When looking back at the rich history of slots, in just over 100 years Charles Fey’s original Liberty Bell spinning drums has evolved into more than just another game, the slot industry is a worldwide far reaching industry where players can enjoy all types and styles of games together with every theme possible. Online slots games can be played for fun or real money and millions can literally be won from very low value bets. Tourists in the United States can still see the original Liberty Bell slot machine invented by Charles Fey which is a remarkable mechanical apparatus that opened the doors to online casino gambling and especially slots for everyone and anyone that is interested in such things.

Just a few words about online casinos

One of the latest big hits at the online casino which is often offered as a form of promotion is the tournaments. At some of the online gambling sites, players can review a wide range of daily, weekly and monthly tournaments that are offered. Most of these are for online slots only but in some cases there are also other tournaments which include Blackjack and even poker tournaments. Tournaments are a low cost way to enjoy gambling for real money, often the entry fee is very low if at all and the potential to win is enormous. Players can enjoy a number of different rounds in order to get to a final competition or there are tournaments where players just play one round and the player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

When placing bets at an online casino, the banking section of the casino needs to be reviewed; here players will find a comprehensive list of the different deposit options that are available at the casino. These include major credit cards together with third party payment options and even electronic cash deposits. In the banking section of the casino, players can click on a direct link to each of the deposit options offered and learn more about each one. Through this link, players can also register and start using each system. All of the payment solutions offered are secure and instant giving players immediate access to their monies in order to start placing real money bets as soon as they are ready to. Withdrawals of winnings can be carried out in the same way via the secure and trusted online payment options.